Michael Notarthomas

Singer/Songwriter • Guitarist • Musician

Live Performer

You will find Michael performing solo, with his bands, and as a guest musician. He has been on the road, mostly playing venues "East of the Mississippi." He is also available for weddings, parties, home events and other engagements enhanced with live music.

Michael Notarthomas Trio
Michael Notarthomas Blues
Duo Shows
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Music can be very soothing and supportive to people struggling with physical or mental challenges. Some people have felt learning the guitar might be impossible for them. Michael takes a patient and creative approach to opening the world of music -- and overcoming these challenges.

Guitar Lessons for Students with Physical Challenges or PTSD



Michael Notarthomas

Austin, Texas

(512) 462-4544
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Michael Notarthomas is a singer/songwriter, guitarist and musician based in Austin, Texas.